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The Aspen Aesthetics Studio Membership Program is is absolutely the way to go if your loving your results and looking to maintain the initial investment in your skin and anti-gaining treatments. The easiest way to understand this member program is to think of it as a saving account for your face and beauty treatments.


Membership Plan

The goal for the membership plan is to establish a healthy schedule for your treatments and help you begin a skincare and anti-aging regimen that stands the test of time, preserving or restoring your natural beauty.

All members must agree to the terms and conditions of the membership before being awarded any membership benefits. To activate your Membership Plan there is a one-time activation fee of $89. The activation fee and the first month’s subscription fee will be charged on the same day.

There will be a $25 fee if the card on file is declined or removed from the account at any time. If the card is removed without notice, the member will no longer be available to participate in any memberships at Aspen Aesthetics Studio.

The Membership Plans run for 12 months. The automated monthly renewal payments will be drafted from your card on the same date each month. Written cancellation is required 14 days in advance of the monthly renewal date or at least 14 days prior to the billing date of your 12th month. Upon cancellation, the member will be able to utilize the services for the remainder of the membership term, but nothing moving forward.

The Member must sign the cancellation consent prior to canceling their subscription plan. Cancellation will not be acknowledged until consent is signed.

Members are subject to the same cancellation and late fees that apply to regular appointments. You cannot transfer your funds to a friend, family member, or anyone else if you are not able to use them.

Automatic Banking per month (Drafted from card on file) $100$150$200
$2 off all Tox Brands (Xeomin $8/unit, Dysport $9/unit, Botox $10/unit)✖️✖️
$1 off all Tox Brands (Xeomin $9/unit, Dysport $10/unit, Botox $11/unit)✖️
Skincare Product Discount10%25%25%
Discount on all other services (injectables, skin resurfacing, laser, and skin tightening treatments)✖️10%15%
Access to Members Only Events, Discounts, and Promotions
Waived Deposits as well as Access to Members Only Promotions and Exclusive Booking Times

We will freeze or cancel your membership prior to the 12-month commitment for pregnancy or military moves.

Dysport services can be combined with Aspire rewards with the understanding that Aspire only allows Dysport services to be completed every 90 days. If you receive Dysport prior to 90 days from your previous treatment or you are being treated at other offices, we will not be responsible nor are we allowed to combine this discount with your Aspen Membership.